Philippines Beach Resort For Sale

This Resort Is For Sale
This resort is highly endorsed by the Philippines Bureau of Tourism

Due to health and family situations
 we have decided to put
Oklahoma Rafis Resort up for sale. 

If you are interested in owning
 this wonderful Philippines resort,
 please call:
John C. Torres
 (512) 417-9799
US: (817) 581-1534

This Resort Is For Sale

The Oklahoma Rafis Resort is in a sitio called Cabgan in Barangay Punta Miray of Baliangao in the northern tip of Misamis Occidental.  Cagan is actually composed of a dozen islets.  The longest bridge is 30 meters long. This resort has both air conditioned and non-air conditioned rooms. 
Rafi’s resort consists of 5 secluded islands (4 of which are developed) which rests on the crystal clear waters of the Pacific.   The resort is surrounded by white sandy beaches, fully functional air-conditioned, non air-conditioned lodging and full-service restaurant.  Its clear blue waters is perfect for swimming (lighted night-time swimming available), fishing, and off the resort-some of the best coral reefs the Philippine Islands have to offer--perfect for snorkeling &/or scuba diving.   Flights from major cities all over the Philippines landing in Dipolog City then an added hour ride of good paved concrete road leads you to Baliangao, Punta Miray.  These islands are accessible by 20 minute motorboat ride from Punta Miray to the resort
(Two 8 passenger boats WILL BE INCLUDED in the sale).  
  It is for sale by the Owner.  Serious Buyer will have exclusive ownership to the resort, all its amenities and the 30 acres of ocean water that surrounds the islands.  The attached photos and brief narratives of the resort will not do this property justice as it won't reflect the natural beauty and the seclusion this property offers.   Asking price consists of but  not limited to the surrounding waters and the resort’s entire amenities, the full appraisal value of the land and the entire development.  No financing available.  $2,000,000.00


2,500.00 Pesos (US $ 55.00) – 2 Persons: Has own Bathroom, Television, Air-Conditioned Rooms
2,000.00 Pesos (US $ 45.00) – 4 Persons: Air-Conditioned
Community Bathroom (shared by 3 Cabins) 

2,000.00 Pesos (US $ 45.00) – 8 Persons: Non-Air-Conditioned Rooms, Community Bathroom

1,500.00 Pesos (US $ 35.00) – 4 Persons: Non-Air-Conditioned Rooms,Community Bathroom

 250.00 Pesos (US $ 7.00)  Cabana Rental for Swimming/Changing

        Transportation Per Person


40.00 Pesos (US $ 1.50)
 Round Trip
(Approximately two miles)

 130.00 Pesos (US $ 3.00)
per hour for
Pontoon boating
for sightseeing.

Addition Amenities


100 Pesos (US $ 2.00) All Day for Swimming

Conference Room available with microphone
and Karaoke system
500.00 Pesos (US $ 12.00) a Day



 Deep Sea Fishing (Gear Not Provided)   
Scuba Diving (Gear Not Provided) 
Snorkeling (Gear Not Provided) 
Spear fishing (Gear Provided)  
Excellent Coral Reef
 and Sea life Viewing 
During low tide, vast amounts of clams,
mussels and snails can be collected;
any edible shells can be brought to the chef and cooked upon request
View Sunken WWII Battleship
  Island Tours/Boating/Sightseeing
  Shopping available in surrounding towns and villages


June-December (Rainy Season)

Hot Season (March-May)

Average Temperature Year
Round: 80 degrees
Year Round Tropical, Sunny Warm days with cool, ocean breezes during the nighttime


The sporting culture on this beach resort includes a wide array of fishing possibilities, including red snapper, marlin, mahi-mahi, shrimp and lobster.
The clear waters and calmness of the ocean make for great conditions for
 jet skiing, waterskiing and diving opportunities. 
Underwater spear-fishing is a popular attraction
as the shallow and deep waters offer a vast assortment of marine life
(captured fish can be brought to chef and cooked upon request)


Karaoke is a popular attraction during the evening due the extensive collection of music available and the inviting evening temperatures.  Lighted nighttime swimming is another popular attraction due to the excellent evening ocean temperature and convenience of nighttime lighting.
Full service bar makes for a popular highlight which offers various assortments of drink choices and international beers and liquors.

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     This wonderful Oklahoma Rafis Philippines Resort is for sale 
        For more information please call or email:
      US: (817) 581-1534 
    Philippines: 0916-824043
 John Torres @
   U.S.  512.417.9799

    If you are interested in more information or have a question
     about this wonderful resort, please leave information below.

This Philippines Beach Resort is for sale "Oklahoma Island Rafis Resort"